Our new anti sway bar for the 900 RZR is here! The RZR900 was never a top heavy, excessive body roll type of UTV. This is due in part to the stock anti sway bar being plenty stiff enough to control it. The problem is the factory sway bar is a thin wall hollow tube and tends to break at the bend approaching the bushing block. Also, it has only one setting. If you wanted a little softer set up or a stiffer one you were out of luck. Not any more. Our new Anti Sway Bar is both solid and adjustable. In the off road environment the only sway bars that last are solid ones. They have the ability to give the sprung resistance you need and also over extend or twist without breaking, unlike the factory hollow bar. Our sway bar has 4 hole adjust ability so you can choose if you want the bar a little softer that stock (more body roll) for those trips where you are rock crawling all day, or stiffer than stock (less body roll) for those trips where you are hanging it out on fire roads or at the dunes where you want it controllable with all that side bite. If you have broken your stock sway bar you now have a better choice to replace it with. If you haven’t broken your stock bar yet (you will eventually) then you have an adjustable choice to help you tune your RZR’s handling to the best it can be.